Friday, 29 March 2013


Ive recently attended the MUN conference at the Dubai International Academy.

It was awesome, I got to meet up with a lots of different people from different cultures -many from the Middle East.

Many of them attend International High Schools. I was quite pleasingly suprised to meet people that were very open minded compared to the cliche thoughts i might have had about them.

I loved Dubai, and its aspect of an international place, whilst a state ruled by religious laws

Here is a picture taken at the conference, during our lunch.
This is me with my a few fellows from my delegations.

I also made plenty of new friends from the Mid East, with I will be keeping in touch with through social networks !

I very pleased to have been able to initiate this activity, along a two other friends, Cirine D and Norman W. It allowed me and my other friends to learn about the functioning of the united nations, whose goal is mainly peacekeeping :)

Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Today I created our NIHS MUN banner.

I think it just gives our project a whole new professional dimension

The 1st symbol is the UNITED NATIONS' logo
The 2nd is our school's logo
The third is a fist : because organising this project has not been easy, and a lot of obstacles have come our way. We however keep strong, and fight for this project to become reality.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Today we held MUN SELECTIONS. As the heads of the MUN project, Norman, Cirine and myself have designed a mark scheme where students were judged on
- their voice
- specific knowledge
- their repartee to arguments.

Everyone got to choose an impromptu question that was attached to the themes discusses at the different MUN committees. Through this another innitiative, we have selected the best members to join our MUN troop. Since we are an international high school, we've had people from different backgrounds coming in.
I want to thank all of those who dared to participate (because it was quite freaky and stressful)
Those selected are
Basanti Mardemootoo
Anya Dundoo
Garen Chetty
Sonali Nundoochand
Sonam Nundoochan
Kevin Lafleur
Lisa Killian

-Myself, Cirine Dumazet and Norman Wooding.

Those different people did not always use to know each other. They wouldn't even say hello to each other before. Now we have reunited them, we have given them a common ground. Somewhere where they can identify themselves with everyone else. This MUN program has allowed different people from different cultures to come together and work as a team. Many have also impressed us ; those who we didn't expect much of, showed great common interest. Our shared passion, of humanity has bonded all of us together.

The big trip is going to be in DUBAI at the DIAMUN. It seems like it is going to be as awesome as enriching.
Will keep you posted
Cheers x

Friday, 2 November 2012


It's been 2 weeks now, that a few friends and me have been trying to set up a new MUN NIHS Program.
It is the first time Northfields International High School would be represented in such big trip.  Many have tried and failed in the past..however this time with the help of two of my committed friends : Norman Wooding and Cirine Dumazet, we have been able to put this program up.

Model United Nations consists of different committees made up of students from all other the world. Those committees include : human rights committee, league of Arab Nations, African League, World Eco Forum. In theses, students discuss and collaborate, trying to resolve global issues (in theory).

I believe it is a great initiative to raising cultural diversity's awareness. At MUN, we are to respect others opinion and evaluate them. We appreciate their point of view, appreciating the cultural reasoning behind it.

I am more than ready to take up this new challenge, which will be held in March 2013.
 I will keep you updated about it x

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Think big !

I have just sent my CAS Project Proposal, with all the details concerning my big project from the cultural diversity cause !

Well, let me give you an outline :
My final aim is to be able to hang flags from the different countries represented at Northfields. The flags would all be tied together in some way, showing the unity within our international community. In order to raise money for those flags, I plan to have bake sales, where goodies or even product from the different cultures would be sold.

It's been nice blogging about the cause, but the time has come for cultural diversity to be experienced Live !

"We are unity in diversity, or better, Diversity in  Unity" 
-Unknown Artist

Saturday, 22 September 2012

It's been a while I haven't posted !
I was off on holidays, and sadly didn't quite have as much access to internet!

So lately i have been planning a little fashion show with people going around the school, and exhibiting different dresses and foods from different cultures!

Since I happen to go to an International High school, i think that we might be in touch with a lof of different cultures and learn at least an interesting fact about each of them!

Will keep you all informed!
Cheers x

Friday, 21 September 2012

Happy Peace Day!

Today is peace day.
I just wanted to say that the awareness of cultural diversity encourages peace. when one is aware of all the different cultures, she or he can appreciate them, and live in peace with the rest of humanity.