Friday, 29 March 2013


Ive recently attended the MUN conference at the Dubai International Academy.

It was awesome, I got to meet up with a lots of different people from different cultures -many from the Middle East.

Many of them attend International High Schools. I was quite pleasingly suprised to meet people that were very open minded compared to the cliche thoughts i might have had about them.

I loved Dubai, and its aspect of an international place, whilst a state ruled by religious laws

Here is a picture taken at the conference, during our lunch.
This is me with my a few fellows from my delegations.

I also made plenty of new friends from the Mid East, with I will be keeping in touch with through social networks !

I very pleased to have been able to initiate this activity, along a two other friends, Cirine D and Norman W. It allowed me and my other friends to learn about the functioning of the united nations, whose goal is mainly peacekeeping :)

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